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 GiXo Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomohiro Amino, hereinafter referred to as “GiXo”), Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto ), and Jazzy Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masataka Shoji) are utilizing GiXo’s campaign tool “Mygru” for commercial facilities and tourism businesses. We will provide a stamp rally app “JAZZ TOMO♪” that connects musicians with those who participate in music events. Along with this, as the first step, we have started a stamp rally at music events held in Kabutocho, Nihonbashi Tokyo.

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「JAZZ TOMO♪」Overview

 ”JAZZ TOMO♪” is a stamp rally app provided to those who participate in jazz live performances with the aim of increasing the frequency of participation in music events and creating opportunities for interaction between musicians and fans. Since it is provided via the LINE MINI App, users can easily access it without downloading a new app*. 
*Provided that LINE app is already installed.

 Users can collect stamps in three ways: by entering a live venue, participating in a music event, and interacting with the musicians after the performance. This will give users an opportunity to interact with musicians, as well as receive rewards based on the number of stamps they earn.

 Musicians will have the opportunity to interact with event participants and to promote themselves by posting their information on their profile page that appears in the app.

 In addition, live houses and musicians can set special bonus for users who collect specified stamps. In order to incentivize the participation in the stamp rally, special bonus can be customized to their likings, varying from gifts such as drinks and download link for a song, as well as discounts on music charges.

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Background of the offer

 Heiwa Real Estate is promoting the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho Revitalization Project. It has been managing the community site “Kabuto LIVE!” with the aim of playing a role in the planning and operation of events that contribute to regional revitalization and nurturing of relationships with the community. Jazzy Business Consulting provides a variety of financial and music-related event and collaboration support, and has been involved in the planning and management support of several music events in this project.

 In planning and holding future events, the need for a new system was increasing due to the points discussed below. Utilizing the campaign tool “Mygru” developed by GiXo, which was designed for commercial facilities and tourism businesses, we have decided to provide “JAZZ TOMO♪” with the aim of realizing this vision. In the future, we plan to expand the range of use of “JAZZ TOMO♪” in response to the requests of musicians and live houses.Kabuto LIVE!:

Kabuto LIVE!

(1) Reducing the burden of musicians and live houses in terms of listner acquisition

 Musicians and live houses that regularly hold live performances use their own social media and networks to attract customers. Until now, there has been an inadequate cross-industry system to connect those who are interested in music events with those who hold them.

(2) Creating a line of flow that connects live houses

 There was a tendency that people who visited a music event had few opportunities to obtain information about other events, which led to discontinuous participation. There was a need for a mechanism to encourage continued interest and participation, such as providing information on events held at other venues and dates, and providing incentives to stop by other venues before and after the event.

(3) Providing a means of supporting musicians

 Even when they meet their favorite artists, information on their activities tends to be scattered across websites and SNS, making it difficult for fans to gather information. In addition, until now, the interaction between musicians and fans has been limited to taking pictures and sending out information via SNS and other means. It was also important to provide a new method to encourage interaction between musicians and fans during the event.

About the stamp rally using “JAZZ TOMO♪”

A stamp rally utilizing “JAZZ TOMO♪” is being held at a music event in Nihonbashi Kabutocho. The participants can earn the title of jazz fan by collecting stamps, and the design is envisioned so that they can earn free drink tickets, discounted music charge fees, and other benefits by achieving the conditions of the “Challenges”.

Period : Monday, April 1, 2024 ~ Monday, March 31, 2025
How to participate : Scan the QR code presented by the musician performing at the event with your smartphone and access it from the LINE mini app

Challenge (1) Musician Stamps

After the concert, musicians will have the opportunity to interact directly with fans, and they can earn stamps by scanning the QR code on the spot. The stamps vary from individual musician to musician, and titles are awarded based on the number of stamps collected.

– Titles and the number of stamps earned
Jazz Platinum Master: 100 Stamps
Jazz Gold Master: 50 Stamps
Jazz Silver Master: 30 Stamps
Jazz Bronze Master: 10 Stamps
Jazz Beginner: 3 Stamps

Challenge (2) Event Stamps

 Users can earn stamps by participating in the jazz events “UNDER JAZZ” and “MONDAY JAZZ”. Earn 3 stamps to clear the condition.

Challenge (3) Live House Stamps

 We plan to set conditions that will allow users to earn stamps when they visit a live house. *Development in process

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